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The Taos: Hat

The Taos: Hat

$300.00 $450.00


Taos is the town that started it all; it’s where we first sparked the wild idea that has turned into this crazy 30-year adventure. That’s why we chose a distressed felt for this topper, to give it that well-loved feel, like maybe it’s been on an adventure, too. It has a hand-creased pinched front crown with a sunken center, and one hell of a hatband situation happening: a grosgrain band layered under a strip of distressed denim and leather shoestring detail, topped off with some silver fluted studs and a big ol’ turquoise cluster pin!

  • 3.5" flat brim
  • 4.5" hand creased pinched front crown with a sunken center
  • distressed felt
  • grosgrain band, distressed denim band, leather shoestring detail, turquoise pin, shaped studs with turquoise detail, grosgrain bound brim