Our Story

"After a lot of pondering, sleepless nights, and back and forth of the ‘what if’s’, I ultimately decided I want to see Ace’s Arrow flourish in new ways and continue to be one of your favorite places to shop. That being said, I am beyond proud and excited to introduce you all to Courtney Webb, the new owner of Ace's Arrow. Courtney has an eye for fashion and a style next to none, she has an extensive background in the western fashion industry, and above all, she is a true cowgirl who advocates for our western lifestyle day in and day out. Courtney is someone whose style I have admired for quite some time. When she reached out enquiring to purchase the boutique, I knew in my heart she was the one I wanted to see Ace's Arrow go on with. Courtney is a wife, mom to the cutest little boy, Milo, and one of the handiest gals you’ll find in the arena! I am so excited to watch Courtney as she carries on the established business, and I can’t wait to see it thrive in new ways." -SJH
Heeling at the Womens Timed Event 
Breakaway Roping 2022
Bruneau Rodeo Round Up 
Ace's Arrow Founder,  Sami Jo Harberd. 

Ace's Arrow Founder, Sami Jo Harberd