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Our Story

Ace's Arrow simply started out as a dream in the back of Sami Jo's mind. Being a hair stylist, it was always her ultimate goal to own her a salon + boutique. As the presence of online shopping grew, Sj's wheels began turning more and more. Although she loved to shop and support small businesses, she felt she never found her "favorite" places to shop. She had a burning desire to put outfits together that were traditional western with just enough of a modern edge. Hence the phrase "western fashion with an edge." She often talked about "one day" opening her own store to fulfill her passion. A passion of putting looks together that others would never have thought of, but love. Outfits that "aren't too much" but "just enough." Outfits that incorporate timeless statement pieces that can be styled countless ways, and won't be going out of style any time soon. All this conversation had Chase telling her to go for it, that she had what it takes, and that there was no time like the present. Thus, the birth of Ace's Arrow.

The business took off rapidly and all started with a simple Facebook post. Sj put herself out there to her friends and family on her personal page, asking them to please like, follow, and support her on her new adventure. She started with a few packs of clothes and a couple of pieces of authentic turquoise jewelry. Every dollar she made, she put right back into growing the businesses. Chase supported Sj every step of the way by helping prepare for photoshoots (and take part in them), going LIVE with her on Facebook when she was extremely nervous, and everything in between, all while working a full time job farming and ranching. Ace's Arrow's online audience rapidly grew and Sj slowly was able to add more variety of options of inventory. Although, she never strayed from what she believed in and never ordered anything she didn't truly love. 

In under a year of the business launching, Ace's Arrow was featured in Cowboys and Indians Magazine. It was a true honor and a very "pinch me" moment for Sj. She realized she had created something truly special, that the sky was the limit, and she wanted to reach more western women in other ways. After the magazine feature, Sj made the decision that the next step for Ace's Arrow would be to go mobile. She figured this was the best way to reach more of the type of people she desired, people like her, who enjoy to rope, ride, run barrels, and people who simply appreciate the western way of life.  

As the business expanded, Sami Jo wanted to offer so much more than clothing. While she was at her first western market in Denver, CO. she stumbled into the Greeley Hat Works showroom. As cheesy as it sounds, Sj truly believes she didn't find the hats, the hats found her. Trent, owner of Greeley Hat Works and Sami Jo immediately hit it off and the relationship/collaboration began. Trent was encouraging and welcoming. It didn't matter if Ace's Arrow placed an order for two hats or 200, he genuinely saw something special in the business.

The first year on the mobile trail was hard and also rewarding for Sj. Since Sami Jo wasn't at the point to hire an employee, her mom went out on the road with her. Setting up a mobile store is intense, hard work and tiring. While on the road, she continued to keep up the online store as well. It was hard for Sami Jo to be away from Chase during long durations during shows, but he came along to the shorter weekend shows whenever he was able. 

At the NFR in 2018, Trent and Sami Jo connected about what was next for the business. Sami Jo expressed how Chase has had a passion for cowboy hats since college. While attending Blue Mountain in Pendleton, OR., in Chase's spare time he would hangout at the hat shop, Reds. Since that time, he would often shape hats with a tea pot kettle for his buddies. Trent knew Chase had a passion and the desire to learn, so he invited S + C to go to Greeley University, where they would built our own hats. Doing this, they learned the process of how the hats are made, the intricate detail that goes into each and everyone, and the education to sell his high quality hats. Trent was impressed by Chase's shaping skills from the start. Before they left Greeley, Sami Jo and Chase placed an order to get a good base of hats started to carry in the store, and the rest is history. 

Chase and Sj went out on the road together in 2019. Many people laughed and said, "how in the world are you going to be able to work with your husband/wife!" But in reality it made their relationship grow stronger. With their combined knowledge and their passion for the products they offer, they were a forced to be reckoned with. That year, they went to many shows, a few large/well-known ones including: Reno Rodeo, Cheyenne Frontier Days, Pendleton Round Up, and the NFR. Their set ups for shows are intense, elaborate and tiresome, but always worth it when their customers get so excited to have found their store, and compliment them on their fine products. 

Sami Jo and Chase want Ace's Arrow to be so much more that a "store" - mostly because they don't want to sell products you see in every other boutique or even at your local farm store. That's why they have collaborated with several makers to make exclusive designs only available at Ace's Arrow. 
Some of those exclusive designs include:

Jessica Raymond Leather 

Whiskey Bound Leather

The 208: by Greeley Hat Works 

The Sami Jo: by Greeley Hat Works

and many more!
Sami Jo's creative mind never stops and she's always striving to come up with something unique and even more "Ace's Arrow" than ever before. Chase continues to grow his passion for shaping hats and is constantly coming up with unique shapes. They feel blessed to be able to run a business together and follow their dreams together, and they owe it all to you, their amazing and loyal customers!