Vegas Bound | Photoshoot & Collection

Samantha Harberd

Posted on October 13 2018

Vegas Bound | Photoshoot & Collection
"The hardest step she ever took was to blindly trust in who she was ."
This quote hits me hard as I am constantly putting my everything into this business and making my it my top priority. Sometimes, I {probably} prioritize it more than I should, and I want it to succeed more than I want to breathe. But what defines success? Is it the number of followers we have on social media, or the number of sales, or the amount of website traffic? Maybe it's the amount of inventory we carry, or the number of packages we daily ship. Success can be defined in SO many ways, and the idea of failure {for all of us} is absolutely terrifying and hits me hard. I am often saying the words, "I just really want to make it in this industry." My husband constantly responds, "At what point are you going to realize you have?" I am not sure when or if I can define Ace's Arrow in the "made it" category, but I can tell you I pour my heart and soul into everything this business entails. I'm not afraid to pay my dues, work hard, and get back up after being kicked down.
Our "Vegas Bound" photoshoot was everything I could ever dream it could be, but it didn't happen over night. The majority of this collection was ordered clear back in January at western market. My vision for this photoshoot has been something that has weighed heavily on my mind for several months. Since the NFR is the Superbowl of rodeo, of course I wanted it to be a collection of stand-out, edgy, head-turning looks. That being said, I'm a little old fashioned in the fact that I still believe if you're going to a rodeo, you should look like you are! Trends change in a blink of an eye and I wanted this collection to be different than anything else you have seen. I want these products to still be something you'll wear to the NFR, ten years from now. I also didn't want to limit this collection to ladies only going to Vegas. Because lets be honest, just because you aren't going to Vegas, doesn't mean you don't want to look amazing, too! In reality, I know a higher percentage of you aren't going to Vegas, than those of you who are. Sure, it is a bummer you can't go, but I still want you to be able to shop and enjoy this collection. Maybe you can't go because your cows need fed, money is a little tight during the holidays, you can't get time off from work, or you're busy raising babies... I get it. And I've been there. That's why I didn't want this collection targeted to just NFR goers. You can still wear one of our gorgeous jackets to all those Christmas company parties, NFR parties, or on a special date night. 
Our outerwear selection of jackets, coats, and dusters is truly something out of a fairytale! Honestly, does a jacket or coat this unique ever go out of style?! I am certain they won't, and even if they did, I would be perfectly fine being classified as "out of style" in one of these beauties.  These jackets and coats are truly something to be enjoyed for a lifetime, and passed down to future generations. I also can't think of a better Christmas gift for your loved one, than one of these gems! 
Night life in Vegas means everything goes. Here's a glimpse at some stunning night-out looks that are perfect for the bright lights of Vegas, but still have a touch of western flair. 
The motto "life is too short to wear boring clothes" reins so true with this fierce look Sierra is rocking. It is definitely screaming "Vegas, baby!" It is flirting with the wild side but also has a classy feel. The sequins on this bodysuit are bright and bold, but not too overwhelming. The leather shorts are creating a look unlike any other. 
Lets talk velvet. Velvet just has that texture and look that says, "dressed up" and has such a  fancy feel. Give your nighttime look a little more cowgirl vibe by pairing your velvet with a fashion hat, and over-the-knee cowgirl boots! 
Jumpsuits are one of my personal favorites, because there are so many ways to style, or incorporate my own spin on. In this look, I'm going for an "Outlaw" vibe, but I could easily transition this jumpsuit into a more modern or contemporary look, if desired. I always want my looks to be different and unique, and this look might be my all time favorite, for just that reason. 
You can't go wrong with a little black dress and a BIG piece of jewelry. Let your squash blossom do the talking. The fitted silhouette of this dress pairs beautifully with this free flowing, bell sleeve kimono. The print on this kimono is out of this world, and I almost forgot to mention.. Its velvet! 
Just because you're headed to the city of sin, filled with bright lights and all things shiny, doesn't necessary mean you have to rock the "basic" Vegas looks. Its true when they say, "It's Vegas, everything goes." Wear what you feel comfortable in and what best suites YOUR style. And don't be afraid to go for a different vibe every night. Here are a few of our favorite looks that channel our inner gypsy/wanderlust side.
I adore how each of these looks have a "wild & free" vibe, but still capture a bit of wild west. 
Let's not forget about the fact that the NFR is in December. And yes, Vegas can be chilly! You don't have to freeze to look amazing. The classiest looks are the ones that will be remembered most. Let your accessories be the vocal point to your outfit.  Sierra takes our "Mimosa Mornings" sweater dress to a whole new level with our "My Sunshine" beaded belt, and our "Sin City" faux leather leggings! This outfit is a great day time/shopping look that isn't too over-the-top, but will definitely be recognized. 
Another great daytime look is going to your favorite graphic tee, paired with a cute cardigan. Our "What Happens In Vegas" tee is SO perfect for the NFR, and we promise not to tell on you if you wear it multiple days during your trip. This outfit goes from "cute" to "wow" with our "Competitor" fashion hat. A simple accessory like a fashion hat or belt is what will make your outfit unforgettable. 
Nothing dresses up a warm sweater/jacket more than a fierce pair of velvet bell bottoms! Our "Midnight Dreamer" bells take this look from casual to charismatic. Our "Studs & Straps" booties are also giving the perfect pop of color that is impossible not to be noticed. 
During the NFR, Vegas is always packed with a thousand things going on, other than the rodeo! Make it a known fact that you are in Vegas for the rodeo in these darling cowgirl looks. Take on sin city in our favorite motto, "Captivate the wild west spirit within"
"Buy less, choose well." I am all about quality over quantity and while some of our pieces are an investment, these items are pieces that you can enjoy, style a thousand different ways, and truly feel like a million buck in! I'm also willing to bet money these are pieces no one else will be wearing. Lets be real, we all hate when we run into a girl wearing the same shirt as us! Don't forget, we also offer Sezzle at checkout. Sezzle is a "buy now, pay later" payment solution that makes your dream pieces possible. Your purchase is broke up into four, equal, convenient payments. After your order is placed and your first payment is made, we ship your product! 
I definitely count this shoot as a success in my book, but there was a lot of blood and sweat over it. When I viewed the gallery for the first time, it was truly an indescribable feeling. To see something you work so hard for come together is such a rewarding feeling. Hard work always prevails. There is so much more that goes into these shoots than what meets the eye. It’s so much more than pretty pictures, and it can be quite a hot mess behind the scenes!
For one, a huge factor that goes into a big shoot like this is making sure all of the products will arrive for the shoot on time. This can be a struggle and added stress if items are not ready to ship. Picking a date for the photoshoot and coordinating shipments is a key part in making or breaking a shoot. You want your best and favorite pieces to be incorporated. 
Another huge factor is making sure each outfit is completed perfectly. It is not enough to have a gorgeous picture of a jacket, it needs to be styled in the best way possible, so that you (the customer) have an idea of how to style it in your day to day life.
The biggest factor that goes into a photoshoot is organization. Organization is key! Each outfit needs to be organized, laid out, and ready to go, with accessories! Sometimes, things look great together on a hanger, and just don't flow when they are tried on. Every outfit needs to be tried on prior to the shoot.

For this shoot, I tried my hardest to set my anxiety and stress aside (which was easier said than done) and focus on what I love most, and why I embarked on this whole journey. Putting outfits together is what I love. I want to style them as how I would in my daily life and create FULL outfits, not just showcase pieces. Creating  unique looks and offering products that are not seen in other boutiques is extremely very hard, but it’s my ultimate goal.
Not only are there a ton of factors that go into a shoot to make or break it, it’s also the people! I’d like to give a shoutout and a huge thank you to everyone who made this shoot (and collection) possible.
First, I want to thank our beautiful models, Sierra and Sami Jo. Have you ever just meet someone and thought, “oh my gosh, you’re my person!” It just clicks! That's what happened for me, with these two!  I’m so grateful for the people I've met and the connections I've made, through the mobile boutique. This is ultimately what led me to Sami Jo and Sierra. These two traveled many miles from Washington, to be apart of this shoot, and brought my vision to life. These two obviously shine in front of the camera, but their beauty genuinely shines from the outside in. They have hearts of gold, they are hardworking, and determined to make an impact on the western industry. These girls are doing big things. And let me just add, they know how to work it in front of the camera! I’m so proud to call them my friends and models, but even more proud to say they are some of our best and most loyal shoppers. Seeing them, (or any of you) wear their Ace’s Arrow is the best compliment anyone could ever give me. Whether that’s in your daily life, or in Vegas during the NFR!
Second, I’d like to thank our photographer, Becky with Robinson Photo Co who continually blows me away with beautiful images that capture our products so beautifully. She is always up for my wild ideas, and always brings my vision to life! She outdoes the picture in my mind, and even the ones on my Pinterest board, every single time.
Third, my husband who is my rock and always right by my side, helping with whatever he can and always offering genuine advice. He truly cares about this business and wants it to succeed as much as I do, which I believe has made it what it is today. He also puts up with all the emotion, stress, and anxiety of having a wife that owns a business. This is also why I constantly refer to him as “heaven sent.” Ace’s Arrow would without a doubt be nothing without him. It would be this tiny thought in the back of my head!
Fourth, my mom. This lady is behind the scenes, truly making our shoots a success. She gets each outfit ready, laid out, adds final touches, accessories each outfit perfectly, and makes sure everything is showcased to the best of its ability. When people ask who my fashion idol/inspiration is, it is hands down, this lady! She credits her fabulous fashion scents to years of experience!
And finally, I can’t say a big enough thank you, to Tom, who graciously let us borrow his 1973 Chevy Nova to make this shoot what it was. I mean it when I say, it takes a tribe, and I am so thankful for this tribe of mine!! 

And finally, if you’re still reading this, bless your heart for making it all the way here! If you are headed to the NFR this December, I wish you the trip and experiences of a lifetime! Remember you’re on vacation, enjoy it! And wear what you love and makes you feel your most beautiful self, from the outside in. Don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing, stay true to who you are and what makes you feel your absolute best.
If you aren’t headed to Vegas, I hope this is still a collection you can shop and enjoy this fall and holiday season, for just about any occasion!

Sending much love, big dream chases, and happy trails, 
Sj- Owner + Founder of Ace's Arrow Boutique 

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  • Mary: October 14, 2018

    I found your blog to be very inspirational. You work hard and you seem to be very dedicated to every aspect of your business as well as your family. I absolutely love your clothing and accessories as they are very unique. I am trying to decide what I want to buy first. I guess I will start out small and go from there. I live on the east coast and am always looking for something different , something that will make me stand out. Best of luck with your business

  • Heather B: October 14, 2018

    Congratulations on all your success! I agree with your question, What defines success? I’m sure the answer is different for everyone. I will tell you from someone who is a serial shopper (I probably should enter a treatment facility for all the shopping I do. In fact there was a 3 day period when no packages came to the house and my husband asked if I was feeling alright!) I check out your page EVERY DAY to see if you have “New Arrivals”. Aces Arrow has become one of my favorite places to get unique, long lasting pieces from. I do know that when I purchase something from Aces Arrow, I will be one of very few who will be wearing it. That is important to me, I appreciate the pieces you have chosen. So, again congrats Sj and here’s to a fabulous NFR season! I’ll see you there Girl!

  • Brandy Larsen: October 13, 2018

    You have came farther than you think you have in such little time. I’m sure people idolize your style and your picks for this boutique just as I do. Although I haven’t been a frequent shopper, I am continually looking out for the next item you bring into Ace’s Arrow in hopes that it was meant for me! As you have told us, you bring the most unique and beautiful items to your shop so your customers can feel just as unique and beautiful as that piece. You have been so encouraging and kind to your customers and I/we appreciate that. Ace’s Arrow will always give me inspiration to dream and aspire, to experiment, and to be fierce and be bold in who I am, and that’s all thanks to the lady behind the name, YOU – Sami Jo! We love you and what you stand for and want to remind you that it’s okay to feel a little stressed and a little anxious, but it is most important to have fun! 💕

  • Katie Haythorn: October 13, 2018

    Great job with your boutique Sami Jo! Hands down, Aces Arrow is one of my very favorite boutiques! You are always super helpful and caring about each and every order! Thank you!

  • Chase Harberd: October 13, 2018

    So proud of you honey!! You are so dedicated and hardworking to make this dream of yours come true!! You have come so far in just a few short years. Love you 😘

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