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The name "Ace's Arrow"

Samantha Harberd

Posted on May 03 2017

The name "Ace's Arrow"

When taking the big leap of faith and deciding to open a western fashion boutique, I knew I wanted a name that was symbolic with a sentimental meaning.  
I grew up horseback and being a cowgirl is all I've ever known.  I started competing at a very young age and my passion for the lifestyle was keen early on. 
At a young age I started riding my older sisters horse that was extremely powerful and fast. He took care of me every run and molded me into the aggressive rider I rapidly became.  He was one of those "once in a lifetime" horses that just change you. I started riding him at age five and my sister share him with me from that moment on... Cause I was hooked! My sister would lead me into the arena, and she would yell, "kick, Sami Jo, kick!" While my mom would be sitting in the stands, yelling, "Hold on, slow down!" 
At such an early age, he impacted my life so greatly and left hoof prints on my heart. You could count on him to give you 110 percent every time, take care of you through every run, and the best part was he'd smoke a run to win the rodeo [almost] every time. His name was Ace.  He was a barrel racing/pole bending horse but his strong event was definitely the poles. He had an effortless style, and if you hit a pole, it was for dang sure a rider error.  All you had to do was stay out of his way and let him take care of you. 
Ace made all my dreams come true. He was my best friend and he gave me the best gift I'll ever receive, he gave me the gift of flying. He touched my heart more I could ever describe.
Ace passed away at only 20 years old.  He ruptured a disk in his back that was incurable. We had to put him down and he was laid to rest in our arena, right outside of his pen. I was 14 when he passed away and it took several years for me to put another horse in that pen.  
I firmly believe with all my heart Ace is still with me everyday. He is always in my heart and the memories of my rides with him will never dwindle. Since he made all my dreams come true, he is my inspiration to always keep chasing dreams. He is telling me to "follow my arrow" because he is my arrow. ❤️

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